Artist Daniel Peddle spent his childhood in rural North Carolina. He studied Anthropology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and attended graduate film school at New York University. He has directed five feature films, published several books, and owns a casting company with an international clientele. He lives in NYC where he has maintained a painting studio for over twenty years.


Daniel's debut solo painting show, "UNDERTOW", was named "Critic's pick" by NY Magazine and garnered national praise. At the nexus of a New Romanticism his works share an affinity with the solitary poetics of Whitman and Thoreau, yet with ample contemporary cultural cues. Peddle maintains that the world is still a place of wonder and intangible mystery. 


As an artist and filmmaker Daniel considers his work in the “limen - the space betwixt and between” documentary and fiction.  "His craft is the art of refined exploration, of sifting through the human morass and unearthing its coveted delights.” (Dossier Magazine, 2013)